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Family Dentistry

At Wellington Point Dental clinic, we endeavor in offering you dependable and consistent dental services to you and your family.

We treat all our patients like family and treat them alike. Our clinic offers dental services to kids and adults. Dental issues can be painful but we ensure to make you as comfortable as we can, before going ahead with the treatment.

Dentists at Wellington Point Dental clinic believe in prevention of diseases and work on the patients likewise. All the services we provide are priced reasonably. We have a team of helpful staff and knowledgeable doctors. You can rely on us with any type of dental issue and be sure that you will get the best treatment. With us, as your trusted dentists, you will always carry your beautiful smile confidently.


Your Ideal Family Dentist in Wellington Point

It is tough to find a dentist that is skilled, performs treatments with care and is dependable too. There may be several dentists that may claim of being the best, but one can easily determine their authenticity through reviews and feedback from renowned sources.

If you wish to be treated at the hands of a good dentist in Wellington Point area then here are certain qualities that you must look for:


Knowledgeable and Experienced

Without proper knowledge of their field, it is impossible for a dentist to treat the patients appropriately. You must check the background of the dentist’s qualifications to ensure that they have gained the knowledge of dentistry from a known college/university. A good dentist is also one who has experience in working with patients of all ages – kids, adults and seniors. Besides treating the patients the dentist should also advise them on the importance of oral health. They must offer preventive care and guide them on how to take care of their gums and teeth at home.

Friendly Approach Towards Children and Others

Children can be the most difficult people to be treated. A dentist must have a very friendly approach towards children so the kids go for their dental visits without any reluctance or fear. A good dental clinic must also have a children-friendly environment equipped with certain things that will help the kids feel more comfortable.

A good dentist should be approachable not just to the kids but to seniors and adults also. Not all adults and seniors are comfortable with dental treatment. However, a friendly dentist can help reduce their anxieties before commencing with the treatment.

Emergency Care

Emergencies happen untimely and a dentist must be prepared to provide emergency care services for patients of all ages. Your phone must have the number of a dependable dental clinic that will deal with all types of dental emergencies that you encounter.


Your Trusted Family Dentist in Wellington Point

If you are looking for a responsible, amicable and professional dentist, then it is Wellington Point Dental clinic where you will find such dentists. We ensure to make all your visits pleasant.

We have a team of qualified dentists who offer pocket-friendly and high-quality dental services to you.

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