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How Much Dental or Tooth Fillings Cost?

Today, in the arsenal of any modern dentistry, there is a large selection of dental fillings that are highly durable and safe. They are used to restore teeth, including those damaged by caries.

Types of seals present at Wellington Point Dental

Seals differ in composition, aesthetic properties, and duration.

Depending on the validity period, temporary seals are distinguished (it is established temporarily, subsequently replaced by a permanent one) and permanent seals.

The composition is distinguished:

  • Metal fillings – consist of an alloy of a metal with mercury (amalgam). Serve more than 30 years, but are considered not harmless due to the content of mercury.
  • Cement fillings – the composition includes glass ionomer cement, which has antibacterial properties and is firmly attached to the tooth.
  • Composite fillings – plastic-based chemical cure fillings in most cases, porcelain is the filler. Such fillings are slowly erased, less toxic, but darken over time. Whitening fillings is not possible.
  • Photopolymer fillings– light-cured composites, the most modern type of fillings, which has plasticity, high strength, and does not change colour over time. Most often, they are used to treat tooth decay in the front teeth.
  • Ceramic fillings are identical to dental tissue and are harmless. Exclude the development of secondary caries under a filling. But such seals are difficult to manufacture: the process takes about a week. First, the dentist at Wellington Point makes a silicone impression of the tooth cavity. Then the local dental technician at Wellington Point clinic makes a mold for casting a ceramic seal, burns it in an electric oven, covers with glaze and polishes.

In addition to restoring teeth with a conventional filling, restoring a filling on a pin is used. The Wellington Point dentist chooses this method of restoration if the nerve is removed and the tooth is still strong. The pin serves as the frame of the seal.

Also, teeth without nerves can be restored with ceramic-metal crowns and inlays. The tab is made by a Wellington dental technician using a silicone sample taken from the cavity and is, therefore, an ideal material for tooth restoration.

Usually, the Wellington Point dentist decides to use the tab, seal, or crown for restoration himself – it all depends on the degree of tooth decay.

Dental fillings installation technology

Before installing the seal, the Wellington Point dentist treats the cavity affected by caries with a drill. Then it is disinfected with alcohol and ether. If the carious cavity is deep, they put three-layer fillings. One layer is a medical paste, and the next is an insulating pad, then the seal itself is installed.

Recommendations by Wellington Point dentists for extending the life of a tooth filling

  • Observe oral hygiene, brush your teeth after eating in the morning and evening.
  • Use dental floss, as not all food particles can be removed with a toothbrush.

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