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Dry Mouth

You may not feel it all the time, but your mouth produces saliva continuously to keep it clean. Only when you’re nervous or anxious, your mouth will feel dry. However, if your mouth feels dry in a regular situation, perhaps you’re facing a dry mouth syndrome, also known as xerostomia.

Saliva helps to keep your mouth free from decay and infection by neutralizing acid and washing away particles. In dry mouth syndrome, enough of this saliva is not generated by your mouth. Hence, your mouth becomes prone to all kinds of infections and diseases. You may even have a bad breath.

At Wellington Point Dental, we have dentists with experience and expertise to treat dry mouth.

What Causes Dry Mouth

Following intakes or conditions can lead to xerostomia:

Medicines: Certain heavy medicines such as depression or anxiety pills, medicine for high blood pressure, painkillers, muscle relaxants, antihistamines or decongestants have side effects. One of them can be causing dry mouth.

Cigarettes and alcohol: Tobacco and alcohol consumed at high levels can cause severe dry mouth syndrome.

Aging: Usually, when we are aging, there are several health conditions that keep changing. The intake of medication also increases. This may lead to dry mouth syndrome.

Other health conditions: Diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s, strokes, sleep apnoea, and Sjogren’s syndrome can cause xerostomia.

Managing Dry Mouth

Following are some home remedies to take care of yourself while treating dry mouth syndrome:

Drink plenty of water and have water-rich foods to keep your mouth hydrated.

Either avoid chewing gums or have sugarless ones to maintain the flow of saliva in your mouth.

Avoid cigarettes, alcohol, caffeinated drinks, and dry, salty snack items.

There are some over-the-counter products you can intake for treating xerostomia.

Regular check-ups with your dentist are necessary.

Diagnosis and Treatment

While the above remedies can help you with increasing saliva flow in your mouth, certain chronic conditions need your dentist’s attention.

If preventive measures and home remedies do not help, your dentist may prescribe you medicines, fluoride treatments, or mouthwashes that may help you rehydrate your mouth. You may have to take them additionally along with the above-mentioned remedies for oral care.

Regular check-ups and following the treatment procedure properly will help you treat xerostomia quickly.

Special Offers for New Patients

Our motto at Wellington Point Dental is to promote oral health. Thus, our treatments and check-ups focus upon keeping you healthy and help you avoid infections in the future.

As promoters of oral health and well-being of individuals, we are offering the following services at a mere price of $189 to new-comers in our clinic:

A detailed oral examination or diagnosis

2 x-rays


Providing tips and fluoride treatment (if necessary) for oral hygiene

A complete plan for treatment for any dental problem diagnosed

So, if you wish to avail our exciting offer, make an inquiry or book an appointment, you may call us at 07 3207 3911.

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