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Children’s dental emergency at Wellington Point Dental

As much as they are cautious and take precautions, the truth is that our children are very exposed to accidents that affect their mouths. Knowing how to act in a dental emergency can make a difference between, for example, saving or losing a tooth. Remember that, in addition to the knowledge you can learn by reading this article, the most important thing is to act calmly and not lose your temper.

Loss of a tooth due to a blow

  • First aid

If the tooth is dirty, it must be cleaned gently with water.

Try to put the tooth back in the hole and have the child hold it until it is seen by a professional. Slightly biting a veil can help keep it in place. The child must be careful not to swallow it.

If this is not possible, the tooth must be immersed in a glass of milk so that it is moistened at all times. We can place a cold compress on the area to calm the pain and apply pressure with a gauze or a clean napkin to control bleeding.

This case cannot wait: you have to go to the dental team of Wellington Point dentist or the hospital immediately and take the tooth with you.

  • Post care

If it has not been possible to fix the tooth again, you must see all the options available to replace the lost tooth.

We recommend that the child wear a protective splint when playing sports or contact activities.

Fracture of a tooth

  • First aid

Gently clean the piece of the tooth that has come off.

The child has to rinse the mouth with warm water to remove the remains of food or dirt if the injury occurred when chewing food or because of a blow.

We can apply a cold compress on your face to fight inflammation.

This case cannot wait either: you have to go to the Dentists at Wellington Point or the emergency department in hospital.

  • Post care

Evaluate with the Wellington dentist the different options to reconstruct the tooth and make the child follow the instructions given by the professional regarding specific care.

Loosening a tooth after a blow

  • First aid

If a tooth is loose, the child mustn’t touch it with his fingers or tongue to prevent further loosening.

You mustn’t clench your teeth.

You have to go immediately to the Wellington  Point dentist because, if the mobility of the tooth increases, it can fall.

  • Post care

The child should follow the dentist’s instructions regarding tooth care.

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