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Dental Bonding

Some of the most common aesthetic dental issues such as chipped, broken, stained or teeth with gaps in between can be corrected by dental bonding. This is a more conservative and less invasive cosmetic solution among all the other tooth restoration and replacement options. It involves the application of a tooth-colored composite material on the original tooth with only minimal alterations. Dental bonding can enhance your appearance and restore your smile in no time as this procedure can be completed in less than an hour.


Dental bonding can give you a long-lasting smile provided a skilled dentist places it correctly and if you take the right care of your rectified tooth. 

Uses of Dental Bonding

Your dentist may recommend dental bonding to fix the following dental issues:

  • To protect a portion of a tooth that is exposed as a result of gum receding
  • Repair cracks and chips that developed on teeth
  • Reshaped misaligned or irregularly shaped teeth
  • Treat and improve discolored teeth
  • An alternative for amalgam fillings
  • To close the gap present between teeth
  • To make tooth/teeth look longer 


If you want to restore your smile and enhance your appearance without having to opt for drastic tooth replacement options such as veneers and crowns, then dental bonding is the option for you. Visit Wellington Point Dental and our expert dental professional will examine your teeth and suggest tooth repair options that best suits your case and preference. 

Dental Bonding Procedure

Before the dental bonding procedure, the oral cavity is examined and prepped for the procedure that is to follow. As there is usually no need to administer anesthesia (except in the case of decayed tooth repair and restoration), the dentist gets on with the procedure without any delays. Thereafter, the dentist will use a shade guide to determine the color of the composite resin to closely match the shade of your existing teeth. This is followed by roughening the tooth and applying the conditioning liquid as perfectly as possible as this decides the sturdiness with which the bonding substance sticks to the tooth. The resin will then be toughened using a blue, or dental, laser. The final step in the dental bonding procedure is to trim, shape, and polish the bonded material to give it a glossy finish to match the shine of your original set of teeth.


Dental bonding takes only 30 to 60 minutes per tooth to complete the bonding procedure. It is the most cost-effective and risk-free option among dental restoration solutions. 

Beautiful Smile in an Instant!

Visit Wellington Point Dental to know if dental bonding is the right option for your dental concerns. Our proficient dentists will examine your case and recommend a restoration option that best fits your needs. Dental bonding is a simple, quick, and cost-effective way to enhance your smile and boost your confidence. At our dental clinic, we use the best quality bonding materials to ensure long-lasting results.

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