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It is the area of Dentistry that allows restoring the lost dental anatomy due to caries.

Dental caries is one of the most common disorders, after the common cold. They usually appear in children and young adults, but they can affect anyone and are the most important cause of tooth loss in younger people.

Caries is an oral disease that depends on several factors: a diet rich in sugars, presence of bacterial plaque, alterations of saliva, and characteristics of the teeth themselves, among others. The treatment involves the removal of all the dental structure that is carious. This procedure causes the formation of a cavity that is filled with one of the highly biocompatible restorative materials.

In our Wellington Point Dental, in addition to caries, with restorative dentistry, we can solve situations of trauma and dental fractures, colour alterations, or congenital dental malformations.

What is Restorative Dentistry?

The term restorative dentistry refers to the set of treatments that are carried out to solve some oral health problems and restore the aesthetics of the mouth. This is how the restorative dentist is responsible for rescuing and restoring teeth.

To be clearer, we can say that restorative dentistry is a branch of dentistry that is responsible for repairing damaged or missing teeth.

It is important to know that two important factors are involved in restorative dentistry: health and dental aesthetics. Although most patients usually go for cosmetic problems, it’s not just about that, since during the procedure, they realize that restoring a tooth involves health issues.

Take the example of a damaged tooth, and its causes may be due to tooth decay or infection in it; not being treated in time can damage the rest of the teeth affecting the aesthetics and health of the mouth. However, being a missing piece, the gap produced by the loss can cause movements in the teeth of the sides, causing a disorder of the denture.

Reasons to for restorative dentistry at Wellington Point Dental

We can go to restorative dentistry for many reasons:

  • For a blow on a tooth.
  • Cavities.
  • Wear of a tooth.
  • Genetic problems
  • Malformation of the teeth.
  • Tooth loss

Treatments related to restorative dentistry

To solve all these problems, there is a multitude of dental treatments, but the Wellington Point dentist will be the person in charge of assessing each case.

In our Wellington Point Dental clinic, we have the best team of dentists who make a diagnosis at the first consultation to determine the problem and get the best solution.

Our goal with restorative dentistry treatments is to preserve the largest number of dental pieces, although it is not always possible. Therefore we must resort to treatments such as dental implants, a bridge, or denture to eliminate oral health problems and get a smile natural.

Among the restorative dentistry treatments are from those that include preventive care to those that merit the replacement of lost teeth. Let’s see the most common:

Dental implants

The dental implants are the ideal treatment for patients with tooth loss. While it is true that, as you get older, a tooth is more likely to be lost due to certain diseases or wear. A tooth can also be lost due to an injury or stroke-causing negative effects on the person’s confidence.

Therefore, for this type of loss, dental implants exist, which are nothing more than titanium posts covered with a real-looking replacement tooth that is anchored in the maxillary bone, providing the functionality of a natural tooth.

So, we can say that dental implants are an option of restorative dentistry that allows replacing lost teeth with ones that look and do the same function as their own.

Procedure: In the first step, the dentist at Wellington Point surgically places the titanium post or screw in the maxilla. Subsequently, after the gums heal, a replacement tooth is placed on the top of the post. The implants are permanently fixed in the maxilla, which prevents painful displacement in the mouth.

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Dental crowns

The dental crowns are the best alternative when a tooth is badly damaged or decayed. These act as a protective covering of the tooth and also reinforces the maxilla. Also, dental crowns can be used as an anchor for a dental bridge or as a cover for a dental implant post.

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Dental bridges

When one or more teeth have been lost, dental bridges are the ideal alternative. The dental bridges bridge between the remaining teeth and covering the teeth with crowns, stabilization of the jawbone is achieved.

The common bridge is made of two or more artificial teeth that are held in place by two dental crowns. These teeth or pontic are made of a variety of materials such as amalgam of silver or gold. However, they are usually made of porcelain to give a more natural effect.

Dental Fillings

Today, in the arsenal of any modern dentistry, there is a large selection of dental fillings that are highly durable and safe. They are used to restore teeth, including those damaged by caries.

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Root Canal Treatment

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