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Dental Crowns and Bridges

Dental crowns and bridges at Wellington Point dentist provides you with the opportunity to restore your confident smile and enhance the functionality of your tooth. We use local Aussie dental labs for all our dental crowns. Did you know dental crowns and bridges at Wellington Point Dentist can help enhance your smile and overall oral health.

What are crowns and dental bridges?

On the one hand, the dental crown is a cover that is cemented on the damaged tooth or the implant, completely covering a destroyed tooth. Thus, it improves both its aesthetics and its chewing.

On the other hand, the dental bridge is a structure composed of joined crowns that are placed between two dental pieces to replace one or more missing teeth. In this treatment, the end teeth are carved to support the bridge.

Both dental prostheses require the collaboration and commitment of the patient to carry out proper maintenance.

Advantages of crowns and dental bridges

The main advantages of our dental crowns and bridges treatments are:

  • They improve the appearance, shape, and alignment of the teeth.
  • Greater resistance.
  • They solve the loss of teeth.
  • They protect endodontic teeth that have lost dental tissue.
  • They prevent the teeth around the absent tooth from moving.
  • They recover the aesthetic and masticatory function.
  • Returns the aesthetic, masticatory, and phonetic function of the patient
  • High precision thanks to the most advanced technology

What types of dental bridges do we work at Wellington Point Dental

Mainly, we work on two types of dental bridges:

Bridges on teeth: this type of bridge is supported on the patient’s natural teeth, which must be previously carved.

Bridges over implant: this treatment consists of placing the bridge over implants that have been previously inserted.

How do temporary dental bridges work?

The provisional dental bridge is placed while the definitive is being manufactured in the laboratory.

Can dental bridges be repaired?

The Wellington dentists told that only small fragments of ceramics from cemented dental bridges could be repaired in the mouth.

As they are cemented, when trying to remove them, the abutment teeth that have already been carved could be fractured. Therefore, Wellington Point Dental clinic dentists do not recommend this procedure.

On the other hand, dental bridges screwed on implants can redo all the ceramics. To do this, it must be removed from the patient’s mouth and sent to the laboratory so that it can be fixed. In case the damage cannot be fixed, a new one will be manufactured.

How do you correct the discomfort or pain with dental bridges?

In case of discomfort or pain with a dental bridge, it is advisable to visit your trusted dentist like Wellington Point Dental.

In Wellington Point Dental, our specialists can assess the state of your oral health and recommend a series of indications so that these discomforts disappear.

How are crowns different from dental bridges?

The dental crown is a type of fixed unit prosthesis that is placed to cover a damaged or lost tooth completely. While the dental bridge is a fixed structure made up of crowns that replace the absence of one or more dental pieces that have been lost.

What types of dental crowns exist at Wellington Point Dental

There are five types of dental crowns :

Ceramic dental crown: this type of dental crown is characterized by its naturalness, although it is less resistant than metal-porcelain.

Zirconium dental crown: CAD-CAM technology is used to place this type of dental crown, achieving a precise adjustment.

Metal-ceramic dental crown: it is formed by a metal cap that completely covers the tooth stump. It sits and fits on it exactly, serving as a rigid structure to support the porcelain.

Metal dental crown: it is made of metal, so they are the most resistant to wear. However, they are nothing aesthetic.

Resin dental crown: those that are used while the final crowns are made.

Will possible discomfort with dental crowns appear?

After placing the dental crowns, discomfort may appear around the treated tooth.

In case of pain or tenderness around the new crown, it is advisable to go to the Wellington specialist to assess the situation, as well as to follow their indications.

For more info on Dental Crowns and Bridges costs and  their treatment time, please call our caring team.

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