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Root Canal Treatment

Treating the root canal is a procedure that is undertaken when the nerve of the tooth is affected or damaged by infection.

This is a 200-years old procedure. However, with time as technology has advanced, it has become a lot more efficient as well as pain free.

We, at Wellington Point Dental, move with the upgradations taking place in the methods of diagnosis, procedures, treatments, and examinations in dentistry. Thus, the tools and equipment we use will always adhere to faster, pain-free and aesthetical treatment for any dental problem.


Symptoms Indicating the Need for a Root Canal Treatment

  • You can figure out for yourself if you need a root canal treatment:
  • Developing sensitivity to anything hot or cold you may consume
  • Dental abscess on your gums
  • Severe toothache
  • Swelling or weakening of gums


Why is Treating the Root Canal Necessary?

To understand this, you need to understand the structure of your tooth first. It comprises of 3 layers:

The Enamel: The outermost layer or hard shell that is visible to all.

The Dentine: The middle layer supporting the enamel.

The Root Canal: The innermost layer that begins from the base of the roots and ends at the hollow center of the tooth.

This root canal has blood vessels and nerves within a soft material called the dental pulp. They help to supply blood and nutrients to the tooth. When infection in your tooth spreads till the dental pulp, it affects the nerves and blood vessels within too.

Thus, you now need to treat the root canal so that further oral damage can be prevented.


How Does the Root Canal Treatment Take Place?

The procedure involves digging into the innermost layer of the tooth and dealing with your nerves and blood vessels. Thus, you need an experienced dentist to perform the task. We, at Wellington Point Dental, have dentists with several years of experience in performing the most complicated of root canal treatments.

Following are the steps to a successful root canal treatment:

  • First, a detailed examination or diagnosis is made to find the exact cause of the problem. Based on this, the most perfect solution is laid out.
  • Next, any infected pulp or nerve is removed from the root canal.
  • Upon removal of the infection, the chamber is now thoroughly cleaned and medicine is provided to the area.
  • You now go home and return after 1-2 weeks. This time, the chamber will be cleaned again.
  • Now, the root canal chamber is filled with a material that helps in sealing the area.
  • Once your tooth settles down, another filling is placed in order to strengthen the tooth.

    Obtain a Successful Root Canal Treatment at Wellington Point Dental

  • We, at Wellington Point Dental, believe in providing pain-free, safe and effective dental treatments to all. Using the most modern equipment, tools, and medications along with several years of experience, we strive to keep our patients orally healthy.

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