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Tooth Extractions

Our set of permanent teeth is supposed to last a life-time, however various reasons such as severe tooth decay, periodontal disease, and accident result in tooth extraction. Although removing a tooth is seen as a quick and inconsequential procedure, the risks that it entails have profound implications. Hence, it is important to approach a proficient dentist who can eliminate risks associated to the extraction while making the extraction procedure as painless and comfortable as possible.


At Wellington Point Dental, we employ expert dental professionals who are adept to remove an unsalvageable tooth without causing the patient much discomfort. Also, we can help you explore different tooth replacement options such as dental implants, bridges, and dentures, which will help restore your smile and oral functionality in no time.


Reasons for Tooth Removal

Dentists advise tooth extraction for various reasons, some of which are listed below:

  • Severely damaged or breakage of teeth
  • Irreparable decay, cavities and/or tooth infection
  • Overcrowding of teeth and orthodontic necessities
  • Risk of infection due to other health concerns
  • Impacted wisdom tooth

The Procedure

Before extracting a tooth, the dentist reinsures that he/she has exhausted all possible options whereby the tooth can be saved. Thereafter, the dentist follows the steps listed below sequentially to ensure seamless tooth extraction.


  • First, your mouth, jaws, and teeth are thoroughly examined.
  • Local anesthetic (gel/injection or both) is used to numb the tooth.
  • The dentist uses a pair of forceps to extract the tooth.
  • After the extraction of the tooth, a piece of gauze is placed on the extraction site to aid in blood clotting.
  • Home protocol is shared by the dentist to ensure a risk-free and quick recovery.


After The Procedure

The home protocol shared by the dentist elaborates the steps that need to be taken at home in order to enable a safe and fast recovery with minimum discomfort. You will be required to follow the instruction so given diligently.

If post-procedure issues arise, we will re-examine your teeth and take necessary measures to eliminate any associated risks. The post-extraction issues mainly include inflammation, excessive bleeding, and infection. In the event of such unsought post-extraction problems, we will treat the problem in your best interest on a priority basis. 


The Happy Gas

It is a known fact that a visit to the dentist can be unnerving for both adults and children. We use happy gas at our clinic to make you comfortable in addition to eliminating the fear that is associated with dental procedures. Some of the reasons happy gas is used during dentistry are

  • Reduces anxiety 
  • Known to relieve pain
  • Best sedation method for children
  • Quick way to sedate and wean-off sedation during a small procedure.

Tooth Extraction in Wellington Point Dental

At Wellington Point Dental, we only employ dedicated, adept, and experienced dental professionals to deliver the wide gamut of dental services that we offer. If you need dental services and reside in Wellington Point or in the surrounding areas like Capalaba, Birkdale, or Victoria Point, call us or book an appointment online to meet our dentist. We are ambitious about delivering the best dental services to our patients, as your oral health is our priority.


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