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Dental Implants Cost in Wellington Point

Do you have missing tooth or teeth? want to find the best possible solution to replace your missing tooth or teeth? Dental Implants can be an options for you. Learn about how much dental implant cost in Wellington Point and what is the procedure like.

Why Choose Dental Implants in Wellington Point

Dental implants are considered as most effective option for replacing missing tooth or teeth. Dental Implants look like natural tooth and that makes them very popular and best alternative to replace the missing tooth. Do you know dental implants help in preventing your natural teeth from shifting out of position resulting in keeping your teeth bite together? Yes, thats true. The titanium post helps keeps the jawbone strong and healthy.

The Dental Implant Procedure in Redland Bay

The procedure of dental implants involves multiple phases as well as recovery time.

Phase 1

Our caring dentist at  Wellington Point will carry out a previous study to determine the number of implants you need and know if you have enough bone to place them.

Phase 2

If there is not enough bone height in the upper jaw, the dentist at Wellington Point Dental will perform a surgery called a maxillary sinus lift.

Phase 3

The implants will be placed in the jaw or jaw with local anesthesia.

Phase 4

The implant must be firmly attached to the bone. For this reason, a few months will be allowed to place the prosthesis on a definitive implant. During this period, the Wellington Point Dental dentists will place a provisional prosthesis that will cover the dental absence.

Phase 5

Once the implant has been integrated into the bone, the Wellington Point dentist will place the definitive prosthesis (the visible external part of the tooth) that is cemented or screwed to the implant.

3 Benefits of Dental Implants- Advantages of Dental implants

There are many reasons why dental implants are so popular, some of them are as follows:

Aesthetics: they are the most aesthetic solution to replace tooth loss. It will improve your appearance, and you will have a more rejuvenated appearance, since the absence of dental pieces causes bone loss, with the consequent facial aging.  

Quality of life: they incorporate stability and sensation identical to that of natural teeth. You can smile, eat, talk without worry, without conditions or discomfort, and be very confident since the prosthesis does not move.  

Health: the non-replacement of the missing tooth entails some side effects such as the progressive inclination of the adjacent teeth and the extrusion of the antagonist (tooth that picks up), which complicates the possible placement of the implant in the future, as well as chewing and hygiene.

How are dental implant placed at Wellington Point Dental

After the previous personalized study and the placement of bone (in those cases that are necessary), the realization of an implant requires the following steps:

Implant placement: implants will be placed in the jaw or jaw with local anesthesia.

Fixation: the implant must be firmly attached to the bone to support the prosthesis and meet the necessary functional and aesthetic requirements as if it were a natural tooth. For this reason, we must allow a few months for fixing. 

Placement of the prosthesis:  once the specialist confirms that the implant has been integrated into the bone, the definitive prosthesis (the visible external part of the tooth) will be placed. This will be cemented or screwed to the implant.

Types of dental implants present at Wellington Point Dental

Dental implants are usually performed in biocompatible titanium, although there is another material, equally safe, which is also used to make implants: 


The properties of titanium allow its integration with the bone to be very effective and very difficult to reject. This process is known as osseointegration and is highly biocompatible.

Bridges over implants

When the patient needs the teeth to be replaced to be several adjacents, instead of performing a unit implant procedure, that is, one by one, a piece is designed that replaces all at the same time. This piece is known as a bridge.

The main recommendations by Wellington Point dentists are based on:

Hygiene: on the same day of the intervention, neither mouthwashes nor brushing teeth are advised. The next day you have to recover the habits taking special care not to touch the operated area.

Bleeding: it is normal for the intervened area to bleed during the first and even the second day. It is best to use gauze that absorbs the blood and changes them every so often. The first night it is recommended to sleep with the head slightly higher than the body.

Physical exercise: during a week, it is better to suspend physical activities to avoid bleeding, pain, or inflammation problems.


Restore Your Smile and Confidence With Dental Implants in Wellington Point

For missing tooth or teeth, our high-quality  affordable dental implants can be a good option to consider. To find out if dental implants are for you, schedule an appointment with one of our caring dentist here at  your local dental practice, Wellington Point Dental.

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