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Oral Surgery

Your dentist not only looks at your teeth but also your gums and jaws that are important for your mouth. So, oral or dental surgeries involve treating your teeth, gums, and jaws. They are also known as oral & maxillofacial surgeries and can be performed by both dentists & oral surgeons.

Usually, dental surgeries involve tooth extractions or implants. At Wellington Point Dental, we have a team of qualified and experienced dentists who perform pain-free oral surgeries using upgraded technology and tools.

Surgery is usually the last step taken to cure various oral problems. Or, most of the time it is the only solution to the problems you face in your mouth such as stiffness, pain or draining of dental abscess. Let’s take a look at the exact circumstances under which a dentist prescribes oral surgery as treatment.

When is Oral Surgery Needed?

The word “surgery” usually sounds like a very serious health condition and may even scare you a little. However, when it comes to an oral surgery, even though the condition is serious, it is not that scary.

This is because usually, a dental surgery takes maximum 2-3 hours to finish and is absolutely pain-free today. You cannot be given a complete anesthesia since your mouth has to be kept open. However, the local anesthesia given to you makes it absolutely easy as a patient.

Following are the main reasons why you might need a dental surgery:

Wisdom teeth extraction: Usually, a wisdom tooth is of no use. On the contrary, it creates problems in your mouth –overcrowding, stiffness of the jaws or hurting the surrounding gums. Thus, they need to be extracted from your mouth and the procedure may be surgical in nature.

Dental implants: If your tooth is heavily infected or broken, you might have to replace it with a dental restoration or implant. These implants are titanium posts which look just like your natural teeth. They are implanted in your jawbone and make your mouth look naturally healthy again.

Jaw diseases: The main jaw disease we are referring to here is the problem in your temporomandibular joint (TMJ). It connects your upper and lower jaw and a disorder can lead to stiffness and headaches. In the most serious cases, joint surgery may be necessary.

Sleep apnoea: This is a sleeping disorder and is also a serious dental problem where you’ll find your teeth grinding, gums getting infected and a dry mouth. It may have several treatments like a mandibular advancement device. however, if nothing works surgery is needed.

Painless Anaesthesia System at Wellington Point Dental

The tools used by a dentist in your mouth usually hurt. Nowadays, only the first injection given in a dental procedure hurts – the local anesthesia. That too might not hurt if your dentist is skilled at giving painless injections.

Our dentists at Wellington Point Dental have years of experience in giving pain-free treatments. To inquire more, you may call us on 07 3207 3911.

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