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A dental abscess is a localized accumulation of pus due to a bacterial infection.

The periapical abscess differs concerning the periodontal abscess due to its location: the first one affects the apex -point of the root- of the dental piece. On the contrary, the second has its incidence on the gums, in the adjacent area to the roots of the teeth.

Symptoms of periapical abscess

Periapical abscesses present a series of straightforward symptoms that, although they begin to manifest themselves more mildly, are getting worse over time.

The main signs of dental abscesses are the following:

  • Acute pain in the area
  • The appearance of a lump or fistula in the area near the area where the infection is located, which can sometimes lead to suppuration of pus
  • Bad taste, especially bitter
  • Inflammation and swelling of the gums
  • Feverish state
  • Inflammation of the area adjacent to the affected tooth: face, cheeks, or lymph nodes
  • The sensation of sensation at extreme temperatures, especially with the intake of food that is too cold or hot, or at the moment when some pressure is exerted on the tooth – especially when chewing or biting

Causes told by Dentists at Wellington Point Dental

Caries that have not been treated in time, severe trauma, fracture of the tooth, and even periodontal disease are postulated as the main causes of dental abscesses.

Dental abscess due to tooth decay or severe trauma

An extensive decay will damage the tooth structure. In cases of very advanced carious lesions or very strong trauma, bacteria can reach the pulp – or dental nerve -.

Dental abscess due to periodontal disease

Periodontal diseases are conditions that occur with inflammation and reversible bleeding of the gums -gingivitis- and, if not treated in time, lead to periodontitis.

Periodontitis is a chronic disease that begins with the infection of the support tissues and, if not addressed, continues with dental mobility and, finally, can lead to the loss of the pieces.

Risk factors told by Wellington Point dentists

Once its causes are clarified, we can understand that certain conditions are more likely to suffer from a dental abscess:

  • Poor oral hygiene, which favours the appearance of carious lesions or periodontal diseases.
  • An unbalanced diet high in sugars
  • Diseases that involve a weakening of the immune system, such as diabetes

Therefore, understanding these risk factors, Wellington Point  Dentists recommend a series of guidelines that can help prevent the formation of a dental abscess. Among them, the following stand out:

  • Take care of the hygiene of your mouth. Remember the importance of brushing your teeth after each meal to effectively eliminate bacterial plaque.
  • Make use of complementary hygiene items such as dental floss or interproximal brushes. 
  • Maintain a balanced diet and drink an acceptable amount of water. This will keep the levels of segregation of saliva adequate.
  • Go to your reviews with the specialist to verify the good condition of your teeth and gums.

What treatment is most suitable for dental abscess?

The dental experts at Wellington Point Dental who embroider a case of dental abscess have two fundamental objectives: eradicate the infectious process and keep the affected tooth in the mouth.

To stop the infection, the Wellington Point dentist will prescribe an antibiotic treatment. By slowing down the infectious process, subsequent complications of greater magnitude are avoided.

Antibiotic treatment is more frequent in those cases where the infection has spread to other areas beyond the abscess, or when it affects people with a weakened immune system.

To preserve the peace in the mouth, a root canal is recommended. Eliminating infected tissue and subsequently sealing the ducts minimizes the chances of needing dental extraction.

Finally, an abscess may lead to the loss of the piece in those cases of very severe infections in which the performance of endodontics is insufficient. The Wellington Point Dental team will proceed to drain the abscess to eradicate the infection and remove the affected tooth.

What can you do to reduce the discomfort caused by an abscess?

The healing of an abscess requires a period during which we can take a series of measures to reduce the discomfort involved :

  • Apply cold on the affected area. A good option would be to do it through an ice pack.
  • Consult with the specialist if the intake of anti-inflammatory or ibuprofen would be recommended.
  • Make mouthwashes of water with salt.
  • Smoking can hinder the healing process. It reduces, therefore, the consumption of tobacco as much as possible.

Visit the caring and affordable dentist in Wellington Point in case you perceive any of the symptoms described above, and go to the emergency department in case you cannot make an appointment quickly with the Wellington Point Dental team and avoid the feverish state and swelling in the face. In this case, the inflammation could have spread to the maxilla and even to other areas of your body.

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