Gummy Smile Surgery in Wellington Point

Does gummy smile surgery hurt in Wellington Point? The last thing you want is your gums to hide your teeth after you’ve worked so hard to make them sparkle. Your teeth may appear small and stubby if you have a gummy smile. However, a stunning pair of pearly whites is hidden beneath those gums. Your entire grin can be seen if you have gummy smile surgery in Wellington Point, also known as gum recontouring. Let’s explore how gummy smile surgery might benefit your smile without harming it.

What Is A Gummy Smile Surgery In Wellington Point?

Gingivectomy, sometimes known as gummy smile surgery, is a cosmetic dentistry operation to thin off the extra gum tissue, especially on the front teeth. By producing crown lengthening, gummy smile surgery can also aid in improving the appearance of excessively tiny teeth. Treatments for gummy smiles are considered aesthetic dentistry because they reduce excessive gingival show and gum contouring.

What Are The Different Treatments Of Gummy Smile Surgery In Wellington Point?

There are numerous methods available to those who want to enhance their smile by partially covering the gums and eliminating excessive gum tissue, depending on the significance of the gummy grin, your budget, and your aesthetic preferences. Prior to placing implants, crowns, or dental veneers, a gummy grin may be addressed with laser therapy to help it balance and adjust to the new teeth. In particular, with digital imaging, which enables a better picture of the end result based on photos taken before the treatment, you and your cosmetic surgeon will decide on the best alternative. Laser gum therapy is often adequate or can be used in conjunction with botox injections. Besides, choosing a qualified dentist in Wellington Point is absolutely necessary because the procedure could result in bleeding, infections, or an uneven smile.

Laser treatment

With the use of the diode laser and microsurgery methods, it is possible to rapidly and permanently fix a gingival smile without any discomfort or surgery. Before placing veneers, implants, or dental crowns, our dentists redraw the gumline over each tooth with a pen-like tip, which enables them to accomplish the patient’s desired aesthetic outcomes and align the smile with the new teeth. Gum botox injections can be used to finish the laser therapy in the event of a very pronounced gingival display.

Orthognathic jawbone surgery

This is the most complex method of treating a gummy smile since it affects the jawbone and lowers its height. Like facial bone surgery, our experts will break the upper jaw before reshaping it. A general anaesthetic is required to complete the procedure, and one night is spent in the hospital. Additionally, the healing process requires time and can initially result in evident jaw pain. The hematoma caused by the maxillary impaction osteotomy will go away in about two weeks and won’t leave any visible scars. The outcome is undeniable.

How Long Will It Take To Heal After Surgery For A Gummy Smile?

A few weeks are needed for recovery after a gummy smile surgery. Dietary restrictions and prohibitions on routine dental hygiene continue for two weeks. After a few days, the majority of patients resume their jobs. Up to three months may be required for full gum healing.

Why Wellington Point Dental For Gummy Smile Treatment In Wellington Point?

Get the smile of your dreams. A laser can painlessly shape your gums to give you the most beautiful smile possible. Look no further than the city’s top cosmetic dentist for your gummy smile treatment in Wellington Point. Make an appointment with Wellington Point Dental Today!

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