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The previous week was quite booked for our cosmetic dentists at Wellington Point Dental, in Wellington Point. Among various appointments, I came across a patient requesting urgent services without having any prior booking or appointment. At Wellington Point Dental, we have pledged never to turn away the patients in need even if we are having a hectic schedule and thus attended to her case. It is her cosmetic dentistry case that makes me write this blog. I’ve realised that many common practices people have aren’t always correct and can lead to terrible unforeseen consequences in the long run.

We respect our patient’s confidentiality and shall hence for this blog call her Kylie. Now, Kylie wasn’t our regular patient and had walked into our clinic since she required urgent cosmetic dentistry services. She felt very anxious about visiting a new dentist but also wanted to get her problem solved quickly. It happened so that her family dentist was out of the station and she had an important meeting in the next three days. Our amiable staff quickly sensed her apprehension and helped her overcome her dental anxiety.

Once calmed, Kylie informed us that while brushing in the morning, her porcelain veneer chipped and broke. Thus she required an efficient solution, permanent or temporary, to avoid embarrassment during the meeting. We asked her some standard questions about how and why she required porcelain veneers so early in her life. Kylie informed us that two years ago, she had survived a car accident where she broke some of her teeth. Her family cosmetic dentist got her porcelain veneers at a very cheap cost from the market. We quickly realised that the veneers she had put on must be of cheap quality.

Various dentists in the market deliberately offer only cheap, low-quality porcelain veneers that eventually crack or chip within two years. Even if these do not break off, these porcelain veneers lose their brightness and begin looking dull. This makes their patient regularly visit their clinic every two years for getting new veneers. Thus they end up making more money with cheap veneers than they would by providing high-quality veneers which last up to 10 years.

We made Kylie understand this very concept. However, she became quite sceptical and thought that we are attempting to sell our services. Kylie requested us to simply provide some temporary cure and that she will leave the rest to her dentist. We assured her that we won’t try selling any of our services and that she is free to choose whichever service she wishes to avail of. But before beginning any corrective treatment, we would require some tests such as an X-ray for the accurate and perfect treatment. At Wellington Point Dental, we never perform any treatment based on estimation and always follow all the steps of the procedure for safe and correct treatment.

We asked some further standard questions by the time the tests’ results arrived. We knew that the porcelain veneers she used were weak; however, what she hadn’t informed us was that she had suffered some bouts of dental pain recently. Since the pain subsided eventually, she didn’t inform her dentist as she assumed it to be normal and thought that these pains were a part of getting porcelain veneers.

We immediately understood that this wasn’t going to be a quick and simple procedure as assumed. Kylie had improper brushing and flossing methods. Many people think that since porcelain veneers cannot decay, they can be lenient about their dental hygiene. Even though veneers do not decay, the teeth beneath them can! This is what caused the chipping of her porcelain veneers and had initiated tooth decay. The family dentist rarely visited Kylie, and the meetings were often brief and done without following all the protocol procedures. This led to the negligence of the improper brushing habit and the detection of early signs of decay.

Luckily, chipping of her veneer and the absence of her family dentist led her to our professional cosmetic dentistry clinic in Wellington Point. She was in absolute disbelief when she saw the test results and signs of decay on her teeth. Fortunately, it was not too late, and we were able to fix up and replace the veneers with our high-quality ones. We provided her with the prescription of pills she would require as well as quality tips for her dental hygiene to help her in preventing further damage.

This case led to a chain of thought in my brain and made me write this blog. There were too many things that went wrong. Firstly, the dental and oral hygiene habits of Kylie were poor, and the brushing technique was incorrect. Next, her dentist provided her with cheap porcelain veneers. Moreover, unlike a professional cosmetic dentist, he did not inform her about the care and maintenance the veneers would require. Also, no proper protocol was followed, and the essential dental checkups and cleans were missing.

I hope this blog makes you understand how you can avoid getting in Kylie’s situation by getting regular dental checkups and cleanings done with complete procedures. Regular dental checkups are one of the best and effective preventive measures. One must get a Dental Checkup every 6 months to avoid major dental damages. Also, a dental cleanup session once a year is more than sufficient to provide you with a clean and healthy smile! As a matter of fact, a regular dental checkup and clean cost are far less than what you would be required to pay once you get severe dental disease.

We understand that cosmetic dentistry costs can create financial difficulties for you. Thus at Wellington Point Dental, in Wellington Point, we provide you with excellent payment plans. Get your teeth high-quality cosmetic dentistry with our services. Call us right away on 32073911 to get your queries answered or to book an appointment. You can also reach out to us through email at wellington We’d be glad to be of help and will happily guide you through our working procedure.

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