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Having wisdom teeth is quite common. The wisdom teeth can appear in the upper or lower jaw. For some people, wisdom teeth are extremely painful, but for some, it is just an extra tooth. Besides this, most often, the wisdom teeth do not break out from the gums. 

If the wisdom teeth do not cause any problem, you can just leave it as it is, but if the wisdom teeth are leading to pain, swelling, tooth decay, or inflamed gums, then you need to consult a dentist. Our caring dentists at Wellington Point are best when it comes to wisdom teeth removal or extraction. 

You just have to book an appointment with our dentists, and they will be incredibly supportive to work out the solution for your wisdom tooth. 

Many people are scared of getting the wisdom teeth removed due to the side effects and the pain it causes. According to expert healthcare professionals, it has been scientifically proven that pulling wisdom teeth don’t cause any problems. Regarding pain or discomfort, if you want to undergo a pain-free wisdom teeth removal, you can get treatment from our dentists. They will understand your problem by physically examining and conducting a few tests. During the dental procedure, our caring dentists at Wellington Point Dentist clinic would make you feel comfortable. Once you are relaxed and do not have any nervousness about the procedure, they will start the surgery. 

Our dentists would make use of advanced equipment for wisdom teeth removal and be quite gentle while removing the teeth. You will not even feel that you are undergoing the surgery. 

Possible complications that may occur after wisdom teeth removal

Some of the possible complications that may occur after wisdom teeth removal include infection, damage to the mandibular and lingual nerve, which means a temporary or permanent lack of sensation in the lower lip or chin, or tongue. But not when you are getting your treatment from our dentists. They are highly qualified and have a complete understanding of why such problems occur. They take care of all such complications and try not to let them appear. Moreover, our excellent dentists will recommend you to take proper precautions to maintain oral hygiene that will prevent oral infections.  

Even after taking extreme precautions, if you face any problem, you can get back to our dentists, and they would be happy to help you out. 

Besides everything, our skilled dentists at Wellington Point have extensive experience, which makes them wise. They will immediately gauge what you are thinking about the treatment, whether you are nervous or not. If yes, they will make you understand why wisdom teeth removal is your right decision and how it would help prevent tooth decay and plaque in the future. 

Whenever you or any of your family members need to get the wisdom teeth removed, you can consult our passionate dentists at Wellington Point Dentist clinic. You can book an appointment online or give us a call at 3207 3911 to talk to our caring team about your wisdom teeth removal. 

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