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Dentist Wellington Point

Dentist Wellington Point

Wellington Point Dental is your local dental health clinic that endeavors in providing their patients the preeminent dental services. Our clinic is fortified with modern dental equipment and our dentists embrace the latest treating methods.

Our dental clinic offers in-house dental, restorative, cosmetic and implant solutions. You will have access to all the treatments and procedures under one roof. Besides the latest techniques and technologies, we also implement infection control methods that assure the best possible dental experience for all our patients. Our disinfection and sterilization standards adhere to international standards. Advanced dental solutions, hygienic surroundings, and dental material, modern dental equipment and state-of-the-art dental techniques are the highlights of Wellington Point Dental clinic.


Dental Services, Preventative Care and General Dentistry at Wellington Point Dental Clinic

Here is a list of the treatments that we provide at our clinic.

Dentist Wellington Point Cosmetic Dentistry and Orthodontics

We understand the value of a beautiful and confident smile and thus offer these cosmetic dentistry services at our clinic:

Dentist Wellington Point Restorative Dentistry

Some restorative procedures that we take care of are:

Child Dental Benefit Schedule

Wellington Point Dental recognizes the value of good dental health for our children. The government has provided the Child Dental Benefit Schedule for them and we advise that you avail this benefit for them. The dental services covered under the CDBS benefits are:

If your kids qualify for the Child Dental Benefit Schedule then you can set up an appointment with us. Wellington Point Dental clinic will ensure that your children are given the best treatment

Emergency Dental Care Wellington Point

You can avail emergency services at our dental clinic. We offer same day dental service to patients that are in need of emergency treatment. Our dental emergency services include:

We guarantee you same day emergency services at the hands of the best dental doctors.

Special Offer for Wellington Point Dental Patients

We have a special package for the new patients where the patients can avail the below services for $189 only:

Comprehensive Examination

  • Scaling/Prophy
  • Oral Hygiene Instructions
  • Two X-rays
  • Complete Treatment Planning
  • Fluoride Treatment
  • Free Patient Pack

Offer for Dental Implants at Wellington Point Dental

Free of cost dental consultation for dental implants.


NO GAP Dentist, Wellington Point

Patients holding the HCF and BUPA insurance can avail ‘No Gap’ facility on clean up, check-up, fluoride treatment, and x-rays. This will be applicable only if the health fund pays a minimum of $189.

Your Trusted Dentist, Wellington Point

Wellington Point Dental clinic is more than just an average dental clinic in your area. We offer excellent dental services in a great ambiance to ensure that our patients feel just like home. With trained staff and dentists tending to your needs, your waiting period is very less. Expect the best treatment at our dental clinic in Wellington Point area.

Our Address :

7/391 Main Road, Wellington Point, Qld 4160, Australia
ph:3207 3911

Dentist Wellington Point for pain free, comfortable and affordable dental treatments

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